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Tirsan Kardan

Tirsan Kardan specializes in the design and production of Cardan Shafts, Steering Columns and gearbox/differential flanges with over 60 years of experience in the automotive industry. Söz konusu ürünlerin uygulama alanları hafif ticari araçlardan, lastik tekerlekli iş makinalarına ve endüstriyel kullanımlara uzanmaktadır. Our company is the main supplier preferred by many OEM and OES companies in Turkey and around the world in these product groups. Our company operates within the Tiryakiler Group of Companies.

Tirsan Kardan, which manufactures and delivers to its customers all over the world from its factories in Turkey, Italy and Russia, continues to develop products and designs that its customers will need in the coming years, with its registered R&D center.

Tirsan Kardan continuously improves the product quality in its production by using the latest technology, provides competitive world prices to its customers and creates customer satisfaction by delivering on time.

Production is carried out with Hot Forging, Machining, Assembly and Paint lines in its factories in 3 different locations in the Manisa Organized Zone. Tasarım’dan sevkiyata kadar tüm operasyonların kendi bünyesinde yapılabiliyor olması özelliği ile Dünya’da benzeri çok az bulunan bir şirket konumundadır.

Tiryakiler Group of Companies

Tiryakiler Oto Makina carries out the group’s senior management, investment and real estate development activities.

It specializes in turnkey factory building and long-term leasing for Turkish and foreign investors. It has successfully completed many projects and is currently developing various projects for the real estate in its portfolio. The contact information you can contact for your production area needs in İzmir and Manisa regions is given below.

Tirsan Russia

All conceptual design, virtual simulation and project management stages within the new product design process are carried out by experienced expert staff at Tirsan Kardan R&D Center.
Our products; Real field operating conditions in the areas of structural and dynamic durability, safety and mechanical vibrations and acoustics are first tested in a virtual environment using the most advanced computer-aided design and analysis methodologies. Böylelikle, bazı laboratuvar ve araç-seviyesi testlere olan ihtiyaç ortadan kaldırılmakta, ürün tasarım çevrim süreleri kısaltılmakta ve ürün maliyetleri azaltılmaktadır.

Tirsan Europe

It was established near Villanova D’asti, Italy, in order to meet the expectations and demands of our customers in European countries, where a significant part of Tirsan Kardan’s exports are made. As of its European location, Tirsan Kardan was put into operation with the capacity to serve all customers in Europe.

Inspired by the success story of Tirsan Russia, further investments are planned for the coming years, which will strengthen our footprint in Europe and improve the service we offer to our customers. It is predicted that it will become one of Europe’s leading shaft production facilities in the next 5 years.