Tirsan Kardan

About Us

About Us

Tiryakiler Group of Companies is an institutionalized family-owned business and all of its shares belong to the Tiryaki Family. Our group employs more than 800 employees and makes its future plans in a manner that will maintain its leadership in the sector and gradually strengthen its place in the global market.

We give precedence to the requirements of our customers in accordance with our perception of globalization. We prioritize developing and growing markets in our strategy, with the goal of operating in the markets where our customers entered or already operating. We act according to the requirements of the market and our customers and provide services such as local assembly, local warehouse management or similar practices. Our ability to act globally and think locally is ensured by working with local teams in the countries we operate.

Currently, the countries where we carry out production and/ or assembly operations locally consist of Turkey, Russia, Italy and Egypt. We continue to work on the establishment of a local assembly facility in Europe. We organize and manage logistics warehouse operations in America, Germany and Italy in order to provide our customers with JIS (Just-In-Sequence) or JIT (Just-In-Time) services at their global locations.

Our History

Established in 1957 by İsmail Tiryaki, the founder, the company of Tiryakiler Aftermarket Company has developed over the years and has turned into a global company from a spare parts shop that is working with almost all of the commercial vehicle producers all over the World and exporting almost 80 % of its production worldwide. Based on the tenet of İsmail Tiryaki, the founder who said ‘‘sell across the World by producing the best quality products’’, our products are produced with the awareness of high quality and validated in our fully-fledged test center. Our products work without any problems in the vehicles of our customers in every corner of the World.

The achievements of our company with more than 60 years of experience in the field of automotive are our greatest assurance on the way to reach our next targets.

Our Values

Our values, adopted by all our employees, appreciated by our stakeholders and have become an integral part of our way of doing business, are listed below.

Our Vision

To be a leading and sustainable engineering company that manufactures innovative driveline systems for wherever the transfer of power is needed.

Information Security Policy

TIRSAN KARDAN, in order to manage all kinds of risks that may affect the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information assets;

– Establishment, management, control and continuous improvement of the information security management system in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard,
– Compliance with legal regulations and contracts concerning information security,
– Managing and correct prevention of risks to information assets,
– Increasing information security awareness and corporate competency,
– Kurumumuz temel ve destekleyici iş faaliyetlerinin en az kesinti çalışmasının devam ettirilmesini,

By managing together with all our employees, it aims to ensure and maintain our information security and fulfills all requirements for this purpose.

Our Quality and Environmental Policy

As “Tirsan Kardan”,

Within the scope of the common happiness of all our stakeholders,
• Ensuring that our company reputation reaches the highest point
• Ensuring the satisfaction of our customers
• Ensuring the satisfaction of our employees
• Ensuring the satisfaction of our employees
• Ensuring the satisfaction of our shareholders

Within the scope of efficient use of resources,
• Contributing to society and the environment
• Minimizing waste by preventing pollution at its source
• Conservation of natural resources and minimizing the use of natural resources
• Meeting the requirements of the relevant environmental legislation, laws and regulations
• It is our policy to carry out studies based on measurable improvement and development in every field by following technological innovations.

Our Code of Ethics

We kindly request you to access and examine the Tirsan Kardan Code of Ethics, created in order to sustain the corporate values of Tirsan Kardan and to protect the interests of our company and our employees.

In cases where you think that Tirsan Kardan’s Code of Ethics has been violated, it is of great importance that you inform us immediately in terms of protecting our company, our values and our employees. You can contact us by using our independent Ethics Hotline service via the channels detailed below.

Ethics Hotline is an independent call center where you can raise your concerns about any irregularity, danger, abuse, crime or other serious risks that could endanger you or our company. Your calls shall remain confidential to be resolved in a private and independent institution.

For more information, you can always call 444 3 845 from 10:00 to 19:00, 7 days a week.

Operators, the employees of the independent call center company, shall assist you in your reporting, and your name, contact information and all other information about you (if you wish to share it) shall be collected and kept confidential.

You can comfortably convey any questions in the following headings to the independent company officials who shall assist you.

It is a hotline accessed by telephone, web and e-mail where you can convey any irregularity, crime, danger or other serious risks that may cause anxiety. All reportings conveyed to this line are kept confidential.

Who is the Owner of the Ethics Hotline System? Şti. is a company. Ethics Disclosure and Assurance Consultancy Services Ltd. Şti. The firm is an independent firm.

  • In phone calls; You can reach us at 444 38 45
  •  For your e-mail reporting; you can send an e mail to tirsankardan@etikhat.com.tr
  • For your web channel posts: you can access from the address below etikhat.com.tr

Operators that call live 7 days a week, between 10:00 and 19:00 will serve you. It is best to send an email instead of a phone call.

You may send an e-mail at any time. The e-mails you send shall be recorded and processed accordingly.

All of our employees and business stakeholders can use the hotline.

No, the process does not take long. In addition, you shall be informed during the process and when it is concluded.

You can call the Ethics Hotline under the following headings listed as unethical behavioral issues, abuse and other critical issues.


1.1. Dispute/ Disagreement
1.2. Discrimination
1.3. Insult
1.4. Psychological Harassment/Mobbing
1.5. Sexual harassment
1.6. Threat/Blackmail
1.7. Physical Violence/Fight
1.8. Emotional Relationships that Disrupt the Work Environment
1.9. Alcohol and Drug Use
1.10. Unfair Dismissal
1.11. Unfair Practices Regarding Working Order
1.12. Political etc. Making Propaganda Regarding Politics etc.
1.13. Other Behavioral Issues


2.1. Violation of Company Rules
2.2. Wasting Company Resources
2.3. Embezzlement of Company Resources
2.4. Internal Theft
2.5. Outside Oriented Theft
2.6. Cheating and Fraud
2.7. Supplier Benefit Relationship
2.8. Bribe
2.9. Information Leaking (Information Security Violation)
2.10. Violations Endangering Occupational Health and Safety
2.11. Brand and Reputation Violations
2.12. Other Critical Issues

Operators who are employees of an independent call center company shall assist you. Your name, contact information and all other information about you shall be kept confidential at all stages.