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Tirsan Kardan R&D Center Makes a Difference in Patent Applications

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Tirsan Kardan R&D Center Makes a Difference in Patent Applications

Project development arising from the innovative ideas is amongst the most substantial strategic objectives which Tirsan Kardan R&D Center is highly dedicated to being bound by. We have been endeavoring devotedly in our center for the purpose of creating a high added value as well as production and commercialization of inventions with widespread impact to the greater extent.

For more than 15 years, we have been endeavoring systematically for the protection of intellectual rights in our new product designs and thus, enhancing our competitiveness in both national and international markets and raising our recognition. The overseas patent application of our corporation for the first time has actually been filed dating to 2007, long before the establishment of our R&D Center and the first patent registration dates to 2010. At this point, as a consequence of our entire intensive endeavors and hard work, we are ranked 49th across Turkey in number of registered patents and crowned with being 9th in the registered utility model for the year 2019. Considering the automotive sector in general, the ranking is 11th and 2nd, respectively.

The statistical data released by Turkish Patent and Trademark Office reveal that the patent applications within the automotive sector in our country have decreased by 13% within the last 5 years. Medical technologies in Turkey, as in the entire world, are ranked first in the number of applications followed by electrical appliances, information technologies and pharmaceuticals/pharmacy sectors. Considering our corporation operates in the automotive supply sector and this sector is not among the leading ones in terms of both technological area priority and the patent applications, we believe our ranking shall reach further significance. Moreover, considering our patent and utility model applications accelerated in the recent years, we are highly confident that our ranking in the upcoming years shall be even higher.

In consideration of the intensity of application and registration numbers, which is a more realistic benchmarking criteria, our R&D Center becomes prominent among the entire R&D Centers in Turkey with the intensity rate ranging between 1-1.6. Furthermore, we have the justified pride of expressing that our corporation is among the leading enterprises in the world in terms of patent family count with patent applications filed in the last 5 years when we evaluate the manufacturers of cardan shaft in the entire world through the broader perspective towards the automotive supply sector.

We shall continue our endeavors with great passion and dedication in this regard acting with the awareness, consciousness and sense of mission that contributing to increasing the competitiveness of our country in the world with patented innovative products is a national mission of our corporation.

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